Vision Mission

To empower the common rural students through quality education to meet global challenges.


  •       To provide quality education to all irrespective of caste; creed, religion and socio-economic status and to uplift the society as a whole;

  •       To maintain excellent academic standard through innovation and effective teaching learning methods;

  •       To mould the students as global citizens;

  •       To create a learner friendly environment;

  •       To make learning a joyful and fruitful experience,

  •       To foster scientific skills and academic excellence.


(1)  To achieve academic excellence
(2)  To compete national and international level in sports
(3)  To develop leadership qualities
(4)  Excellence in personality development
(5)  Orientation of students towards research

(6)  To promote faculty towards quality research


·     Pursuit of Excellence through Education

·     Social Responsibility and Civic Awareness

·     Honest and Moral Uprightness

·     Empowerment through Education

·     Respect for Life and Creation

·     Continuous Improvement in Education

·     Institution Awareness and Practicability

·     Value and Outcome based Education

·     Inspiring Campus Environment