Welcome To Government Chandulal Chandrakar Arts & ScienceCollege, Patan


Govt. Chandulal Chandrakar Arts and Science college Patan started on 16.08.1989. The new library hall was inaugurated on 11.04.2007 by the then MLA and current CM  of Chhattisgarh respected sri Bhupesh Baghel Ji. It was handed over to college after complete construction by the then MLA and current MP respected sri Vijay Baghel Ji. The college developed rapidly from 1989 to current year. Its enrollment multiplied by more than 27 times than its starting year. On its starting, only 58 students were admitted in 1989. Now, more than 1600 students are here in the session 2019-20. Though the library of college is being run in its old setup of only two staff, viz. Librarian and Book-lifter.

At present in 2019-20, more than 23,000 books are available in the library. Of these, more than 9000 are purchased from Govt. fund, and more than 8000 are purchased from UGC fund. More than 4700 are purchased from Book-Bank scheme and 1250 from BPL scheme.

To aware students from maximum use of library, a UGC sponsored lectured was organized on topic “Relevance of e-resources in teaching and learning” on date 23.08.2017 under GDA scheme of 12 th plan. Mr. Superno sengupta (Librarion of Pt. Sundar Lal Sharma library, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur) and Dr. Praveen Sharma (Librarian of Govt. Nagarjun Science College Raipur) were the Guest lecturers.